Ho, ho, ho! I'm on my way to deliver gifts. Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll see you next year!

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Questions Santa has already answered
Date asked
is disney world decorated for christmas during new years?
3:26 PM on Dec 24, 2013
will you still come if i forgot to mail my letter an wish li...
2:57 PM on Dec 24, 2013
santa can you name 5 reindeers and 5 elfs plesae and is jazm...
1:55 PM on Dec 24, 2013
What is your favorite cookie?
1:32 PM on Dec 24, 2013
What time will you start delivery presents tonight?
12:09 PM on Dec 24, 2013
Dear Santa, How fast can you go in a sleigh in one night ...
11:45 AM on Dec 24, 2013